About Us

The Beginning

It started with a love story and a love for flowers. This blossomed into a flourishing business that is Happy Petals. Together, our founders sought a way to disrupt the florist industry by introducing the elements of e-commerce and a personalized delivery service.


We are constantly working to be recognized brand in Malaysia that people will think of when they want to brighten someone’s day. When people think of sending flowers, we want Happy Petals to be the first thing that comes to mind. Not only because of our guaranteed quality of service and customer service dedication, but also because we are nice and reliable.




Flowers are one of the most effective ways to express personal feelings. For many years, the universal purpose for giving flowers has been to communicate and strengthen our bonds with one another. It is certainly a meaningful present. Flowers are more than just a gorgeous sight to behold. They are love memories, feelings, and sentiments. Happy Petals strives to provide our customers with wonderful moments by providing high-quality luxury flowers at an affordable price.

Management Team


General Manager

Sandra Anthasha


Financial Manager



Digital Merketing Manager

Nur Absarina


Operation Manager

Ku Ummi Syakirah

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Happy Petals is the ideal online flower delivery destination for any occasion, whether it’s a special holiday or an everyday day that calls for a spontaneous expression of gratitude

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